Each week the BDN Maine Outdoors team takes a look at different gear you might need for your next outdoor adventure. For this week’s Gear Bag, we looked at the Evolv Defy climbing shoe.

What is it? The Evolv Defy climbing shoes are affordable climbing shoes that Brad Wilson, operations manager at Acadia Mountain Guides, recommends for beginners who are looking for their first pair.

Why do I need it? The Evolv Defy provides your feet with a cozy fit that will help you learn how to feel the rocks better while climbing. Evolv made the upper part of the shoes out of Synthratek, a type of perforated synthetic leather. This allows the shoe to be sturdy and rigid but extremely breathable. This style of climbing shoe has a pretty true-to-fit sizing that fits most people’s feet. When you are trying on climbing shoes, you want a pretty snug fit so you can feel the rock and better use the front edge of the shoe to get better footholds. This model come with a velcro enclosure, which allows you to get in and out of shoe pretty easy while still being securely strapped in. The amount of climbing you do will depend on how long your shoes last. If you climb every day, your shoe might only last a few months. To extend the use of the shoes, be sure to stop wearing them before you put a hole in the toe, because they can be sent out to be resoled.

How much does it cost? The Evolv Defy will only set you back $89.

Where do I find it? The Evolv Defy is available at Alpenglow Adventure Sport in Orono.

Ashley Conti

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