PORTLAND, Maine — Shane Brackett’s family said he has struggled with a mental illness his entire life. More recently, he’s struggled with homelessness and alcoholism.

Brackett, 25, was rushed to the hospital last week after an alleged assault. His mom, Dolores Brackett, said he’s in a coma and might not wake up for months.

“He’ll never be the same again, that’s what they’re saying, he’ll never be the same again,” she said.

His sister, Cheyenne Boucher, said, “Now he’s in a coma and I can’t look at him. I don’t want to look at my brother like this.”

Delores Brackett said she’s sharing her son’s story to send a message: If there were more resources to help her son, maybe he wouldn’t be lying in a hospital bed right now.

“He couldn’t get MaineCare, so he couldn’t get help,” Delores Brackett said. “Nobody would take him anywhere without any type of insurance.”

His sister said, “He needs help and no one will give it to him. My whole family has tried and tried, but what can we do? We need professionals.”

There needs to be more resources and more compassion, Boucher said, “there’s no need for violence; there’s no need for any of it.”

Portland police confirmed they’re investigating an assault involving Shane Brackett but wouldn’t give any more details. His family said they believe someone knows what happened and hope they’ll come forward.

“It just makes me so mad that the person is out there somewhere,” Boucher said. “I just hope they know what they’ve done.”