BRUNSWICK, Maine — Less than a week after completing the purchase of the former Parkview Adventist Medical Center, Mid Coast Health Services — the parent company of Mid Coast Hospital — announced Wednesday it would close the walk-in clinic at the former hospital on Sept. 8.

The existing Mid Coast Walk-In Clinic, about 1.5 miles from what is now Parkview Medical Center, just off Maine Street, has expanded to accommodate the additional patients, Mid Coast said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

“This was a clinically-driven decision made by our physician team and nurse leadership to ensure delivery of the highest quality care with emphasis on patient satisfaction and safety,” Jay Mullen, director of emergency services at Mid Coast Hospital, said in an email to the Bangor Daily News.

The downtown site was chosen because its central location provides more access for the entire community, many of whom can walk to the clinic. So far this year, the downtown clinic has seen 13,500 patients, according to Mullen.

Closing the Parkview clinic frees space at that facility for an expanded primary care practice and additional primary care physicians, he said.

Announcing the purchase of Parkview Adventist Medical Center on Friday, Mid Coast Health Services President and Chief Executive Officer Lois Skillings said operating both clinics was impossible, but she said no decision had been made yet on which would close.

Skillings said at the time that all Parkview employees had been offered comparable positions at Mid Coast Health Services. On Wednesday, Mullen said no jobs would be lost when the walk-in clinics are consolidated.

Mid Coast opened its 10,000-square-foot nonemergency primary care and walk-in clinic in 2011. The clinic, which was part of a major downtown redevelopment project at the site of the town’s former train station, was designed to treat patients who otherwise might have gone to the increasingly crowded emergency room at Mid Coast Hospital but at a lower cost.

Following the purchase of the former Parkview Adventist Medical Center, Mid Coast Health Services will consolidate with Parkview to form Mid Coast-Parkview Health.

Under the new organization, Mid Coast Hospital will continue to provide inpatient acute care, surgical, maternity and emergency room services.

Parkview Medical Center, now under Mid Coast Hospital’s license and carrying Joint Commission and “magnet hospital” status, “will be the epicenter” of primary care and outpatient services and community health and wellness programs.