BANGOR, Maine — Bangor’s downtown hotel, The Charles Inn, will soon be under new management and ownership in the wake of the filming of a reality TV show at the site.

Owner Connie Boivin, who purchased the hotel in 2005, confirmed Sunday she is selling the local landmark and plans to relocate to Florida, where she worked more than 20 years in the hospitality business before buying the hotel.

“I won’t miss the winters, but I’ve met a lot of nice people,” she said of her time in Bangor.

The new owner will take charge of the hotel Sept. 21, according to Boivin. She would not identify the buyer, saying she does not want to interfere with the buyer’s plans to announce the purchase.

Boivin said the new owner plans to maintain the property as a hotel.

“She wants to make The Charles Inn kind of the gem of downtown Bangor,” she said.

News of the ownership change comes less than two months after Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible” filmed at the location.

The show, which features hospitality consultant Anthony Melchiorri scouting troubled hotels and overseeing improvements, is due to broadcast Nov. 24.

Boivin would not say whether the show’s filming helped her sell the hotel. While participants in the show are keeping secret the details of the filming, fans of the show can can anticipate at least some drama.

Since the filming, Paul Beaulieu, who ran the Big Easy Lounge, announced the bar was closing and that he had been ousted from the building as a result of the show.

Boivin has since disputed that the show caused the closure, saying Beaulieu was planning to leave the location anyway.

While Boivin said she will remain available to the new owners to assist with the transition through much of October, some changes are already taking place.

The hotel’s bar, once known as the Big Easy Lounge, will be closed to all but private parties after Sunday. Boivin said her liquor license is expiring and she does not plan to renew it.

Built in 1873, the building has 30 rooms, an art gallery and the bar. Converted to a hotel in early 1980s, it was previously the home of Viner’s Music.

Boivin said her move to Florida, where her daughter lives, will allow her to spend more time with family.

She said her plan when she purchased The Charles Inn was to remain in Bangor for three years, sell the hotel and return to Florida to purchase another hotel.

With plans to be in Florida no later than Nov. 1, she said she will spend the interim in southern Maine visiting other family members before she leaves the state.

While a purchase price was not available for the hotel, the Bangor tax records show the property valued at a total of $593,700.

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