LINCOLN, Maine — Alan Whitney grew up in Lincoln doing what most Lincoln kids do: hunting, fishing and camping. Now the 33-year-old former web developer is turning his lifelong leisure pursuit into Lincoln’s newest sporting goods business.

Whitney’s Outfitters will open Sept. 25 in the 5,000-square-foot space at 274 West Broadway once occupied by Lincoln Color Center. As part of the deal, Lincoln Color Center relocated to an adjacent storefront in the same building, which once housed a thrift shop and, before that, a U.S. Cellular office.

Whitney’s enterprise, which he co-owns with his wife, Erica, is among several new or recently relocated stores on West Broadway and Main Street. Ruth Birtz, the town’s economic development coordinator, said during a recent interview that Johnson Florist Shop, at 34 West Broadway, is reopening under new ownership.

The Frugal Frog consignment store moved from 100 West Broadway to the former Lincoln Jeweler storefront at 46 Main St. The Frugal Frog and Possibilities Gift and Home, 49 Main St., are among several downtown businesses that have repainted or remodeled their facades, Birtz said.

West Broadway and Main Street still have several unoccupied storefronts. They include the former central office of RSU 67, the public school district that serves Chester, Lincoln and Mattawamkeag, at 57 Main St., and the former Sears Hometown Store at 213 West Broadway. School officials moved the central office to the campus of Ella P. Burr School, or 25 Reed Drive, last month.

Whitney’s Outfitters will primarily cater to hunters, fishermen and campers, with sections of it devoted to tents, paddling equipment, and hundreds of rifles and handguns. Whitney was among four Whitney’s Outfitters employees stocking shelves and building a front walkway and staircase at the store on Thursday. He said he looks forward to opening.

“Lincoln hasn’t had something like this in this area for a long time, and we really wanted to serve this area, serve local sportsmen,” Whitney said Thursday. “I think Lincoln is turning into something of a hub for a lot of the surrounding towns. People come here. I really believe we are going to get a lot of traffic.”