SACO, Maine — Saco Middle School is taking extra precautions after a student was diagnosed with meningitis. This is the seventh case of meningitis in York County this year.

Four students got sick at Massabesic High School, two in Berwick schools and now another at Saco Middle School.

School officials confirmed the most recent diagnosis in a letter sent to parents on Tuesday.

School staff will clean bathrooms, classrooms and faucets more frequently to be safe.

All cases have popped up just within the last week or so.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention said there’s no need for major concern if you’re a parent. Even though viral meningitis causes swelling around the brain and spinal cord area, it’s usually not very dangerous and most people get better on their own.

It is contagious, so be aware of the following symptoms:

— Fever

— Headache

— Stiff neck

— Lack of energy or appetite

— Nausea or vomiting

School officials don’t believe the case at Saco Middle School has anything to do with the school itself.

Steps to stay healthy include constant hand washing and not using your hands to cover a cough.