CAMDEN, Maine — Camden property owners will be getting tax bills that are nearly 5 percent higher than last year.

The Select Board, serving as the board of assessors, set the tax rate Tuesday night at $15.13 per $1,000 of assessed property. This is up 70 cents, or 4.8 percent, over last year’s rate. A home assessed at $300,000 would see a tax bill increase of $210 — from $4,329 to $4,539.

Assessors’ Agent Kerry Leichtman told the Select Board that the increase was largely because of more money going to the schools. The combined assessments for Camden from the Five-Town Community School District and School Administrative District 28 were up $750,000.

The amount of taxes needed to support the municipal budget was up $300,000, and the town’s payments to Knox County rose $80,000.

Leichtman said the town saw $11 million in growth in the tax base, largely because of people dividing in-town lots into two lots and additional homes being built. The assessors’ agent said this type of development is good for the community in that it does not produce sprawl. He said there were a few luxurious homes built, but there also were new homes across the spectrum built within Camden during the past year.

That $11 million growth, however, only amounted to 1 percent of the overall value of the town, which is why it was not able to greater cushion the increases in expenses to keep the tax rate stable.