OLD TOWN, Maine — A local man is facing an aggravated forgery charge after allegedly lying about his identity during a traffic stop, police said.

Shawn Bryant, 32, had been summoned for possession of a usable amount of marijuana after a Dec. 4 traffic stop but used a false name in signing the citation, according to Old Town Police Capt. Lee Miller.

An anonymous tip led police to believe that Bryant had not used his real name, and video surveillance of the traffic stop confirmed that suspicion, according to Miller.

On Dec. 10, police went to Bryant’s residence and arrested him, charging him with the Class B felony crime of aggravated forgery, Miller said.

Bryant was brought to Penobscot County Jail and later released on bail.

Ryan McLaughlin

BDN sports reporter Ryan McLaughlin grew up in Brewer and is a lifelong fan of the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins. In "The Boston Blitz" he'll be sharing his perspective...