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Would you describe global climate change as a very serious problem, a somewhat serious problem, a not-too-serious problem or not a problem at all?

Do you think global climate change is harming people around the world now, will harm them soon, will not harm people for many years or will never harm people?

How concerned are you about whether global climate change will eventually harm you personally?

Answer these questions, and Pew Research Center will give you a “climate change concern” score that can be compared with the scores of people in 40 countries around the world.

It’s a useful way of putting your personal views in worldwide context.

Those in Latin America, for instance, are most concerned about the immediate threats of climate change (with a median of 77 percent). Those in the Middle East (with a median of 26 percent) are the least likely to believe that climate change is currently harming people.

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And most people say they are already being harmed by climate change. Fifty-one percent of those in the nations surveyed said they’re seeing the effects now.

More than half of people in 39 of the 40 countries surveyed said they expect to be harmed personally by climate change at some point in their lifetime. The United Kingdom was the exception.

Plus, a majority (54 percent) of those surveyed in the 40 countries said global climate change is a “very serious problem.”

Where do you fall? Take the survey by clicking here:

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