AUGUSTA, Maine — Anti-abortion advocates on Saturday demanded abortions no longer be legal in the United State as part of the annual Hands Around the Capital rally.

“If we can take the lives of unborn children, there’s no limit to the evil that can be done,” said Bob Emrich, a member of the board of directors for Maine Right to Life, which organized Saturday’s event.

Abortion opponents recognized on Saturday the landmark 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion nationwide.

Republican Gov. Paul LePage attended the Hands Around the Capital event and has every year since he took office.

“Abortion in my lifetime, in my life, in my family, is unacceptable,” LePage said.

Abortion rights supporters, however, disagree.

“Politicians shouldn’t be working to take us back to a time before Roe. Instead they should be focused on ways to improve the lives of women through better access to health care, education and economic opportunity,” Nicole Clegg, Planned Parenthood vice president of public policy in Maine, said.

The health care organization provides a wide variety of health services for women, including abortions.