We’ve shared a lot of maps that tell a lot of different stories. But this one is definitely one of the best.

A site that keeps track of all the power outages caused by squirrels and other animals built a Google map showing the path of destruction across the country. The site gets the information on these cases from Twitter.

It highlights several cases in Maine, including three this year: a squirrel-related outage at the University of Maine in April; another squirrel knocking out the power at King Middle School in Portland in May; and a beaver knocking down a power line in Ludlow in May.

You can check out the interactive version here.

The tongue-in-cheek site, called Cyber Squirrel 1, describes these as “unclassified Cyber Squirrel Operations that have been released to the public that we have been able to confirm.

“There are many more executed ops than displayed on this map however, those ops remain classified.”

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It’s a play on the fact that squirrels have been called a greater threat to the U.S.’s power grid than cybercriminals.


Dan MacLeod

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