Are you a Klingon traveling across the country to settle an honor dispute? The TSA would really like you to keep your traditional weapon out of your carry-on bag.

The agency discovered “a weapon resembling a Klingon bat’leth” — think a dual-edged, crescent shaped scimitar — in a carry-on bag at San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, according to a blog post going over some of its most interesting finds from the last year.

Admittedly, the version in the TSA catch seems like it was smaller than the original Star Trek weaponry.

Bladed items are generally allowed in checked bags, but not carry-ons. However, the 2015 mini-bat’leth is actually not the first time the agency has caught someone trying to pack something like this in a carry-on: It discovered a similar weapon at LaGuardia in 2012.

And this isn’t the only nerdy battlegear the TSA uncovered over the past year. A surprisingly number of people tried to bring batarangs — weapons like Batman’s bladed boomerangs — onto planes, according to the agency’s blog post.