CALAIS, Maine — A former employee of the wastewater treatment plant in Indian Township was sentenced Wednesday in District Court to 10 days in jail for dumping raw concentrated sewage behind a residential area over the course of several days in November 2014, according to the Maine attorney general’s office.

Dennis L. Brown Jr., 32, of Princeton also was ordered to pay the mandatory minimum $2,500 fine under the state’s environmental laws. He pleaded guilty to criminal violation of environmental laws shortly before being sentenced.

By pleading guilty, Brown admitted that while working as the certified operator for the Passamaquoddy Tribal Government’s wastewater treatment plant in Indian Township, he engaged in and directed the unlicensed discharge of untreated sewage from a malfunctioning pump station.

“Brown initially reported to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection that the sewage was being transported by truck to another station that was functional for further pumping to the tribal wastewater treatment plant,” the press release said. “Contrary to Brown’s report, however, the sewage had been continuously dumped directly onto the ground and into nearby woods and waters. It is estimated that up to 96,000 gallons were unlawfully dumped before DEP was notified and corrective action taken.”

District Court Judge David Mitchell stayed Brown’s sentence until Feb. 5, a release issued Thursday by the attorney general’s office said.

Brown faced up to six months in jail.

As part of his plea agreement, Brown also agreed to surrender his wastewater operator’s certification.