The upcoming episode of the cable channel A&E’s documentary-style show “Hoarders” shot recently in Lisbon will be aired next month, according to an announcement this week.

The program will just be the latest of many reality shows — which can range from documentaries to something more like game shows — to feature Mainers over the years.

As the BDN’s Emily Burnham wrote, Maine has become a hot spot for reality TV producers.

Are you a reality television aficionado? Have you marked your calendars or set your DVRs to follow Maine characters on nationwide broadcasts?

The quiz below tests your knowledge about those small-screen appearances. Some of the questions will be easy, some will be pretty difficult.

And be aware, not every single reality show that has ever featured a Maine tie will be represented in the quiz. We could have easily made this fun test 30 or 40 questions long, but we felt that would be pushing it. A recent Maine-based episode of “Finding Bigfoot,” former “American Idol” judge and part-time Maine resident Kara DioGuardi, Bill Brock’s cave-diving “Monsters Underground” show and Animal Planet’s “Cold River Cash” are among the many reality TV people and episodes we just couldn’t squeeze in, for instance — we apologize in advance if your favorite one didn’t make the cut.

Each question has four possible answer choices, a featured photograph and a short follow-up explanation. Use the scroll bar on the righthand side of the window if you don’t see all those features on your web browser of choice.

Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.