BANGOR AND SPRING, TEXAS – Leon Niles Pinkham, 72, of Bangor and Spring, Texas, died Feb. 16th, 2015, in Texas. He was born September 17th, 1943, in Island Falls, the son of Niles and Helen (Bowers) Pinkham.
He graduated from Kents Hill, attended University of Maine, and then set up a photography shop in Bangor. He worked at North East Airlines, setting up their first computer system, and then the CEO of Continental Airlines recruited him to be their IT person and traveled the country setting up their computer systems.
He is survived by his son, Douglas; a daughter, Kimberly Pinkham; and one grandson; and their mother, Ann Pinkham; his second wife, Evelyn Pinkham and stepchildren, Christine, Janice and Wally; five cousins.
Funeral services were held in the Sherman Mills Cemetery. For online condolences please visit