Credit: I-95 Bangor's Classic Rock Station | YouTube

Scott Young of Eastport’s Shead High School played with his band at the Maine High School Basketball Tournament in Bangor on Thursday, where the school’s girls team beat Washburn, 38-35.

“I’m playing really good rock and roll music, really hard rock music that is just going to make people want to do a backflip out of their chair. You know?,” Young told WABI-TV.

The crowd was a little more reserved during his solo performance of the national anthem.

Check the video out here, courtesy of I-95 FM:

Young joins a proud history of solo electric guitar players performing “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Here’s Hendrix’s version, which evokes the Vietnam War-era conflict:

And Slash from Guns N’ Roses also did a wah-pedal-heavy version, it turns out:

Dan MacLeod

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