POWNAL, Maine — CBS 13 first reported a story about Linda Deming of Pownal in September. Deming needed a new kidney and the clock was ticking.

“I found out I needed a new kidney in December of 2014,” said Deming.

She was told she’d be waiting between three and six years and in the meantime, she’d be on dialysis. Deming said, “It’s horrible, I was trying to think earlier, it’s five hours a day, three days a week. How much of my life has that sucked away? It’s a lot.”

Deming says she hates dialysis and she hates waiting, so she took action. She put up signs in her yard, on her car, anywhere and everywhere, asking people to get tested to see if they were a match.

“I knew right away I wasn’t waiting for a deceased kidney, that I had to find my own,” said Deming.

14 months later, Deming found her donor.

She told CBS 13, “That’s what we did, we went out in search of a live donor, and I’m still amazed at the number of people that don’t even know me but are willing to give me a piece of their body to save me.”

Deming’s donor is a mother of four, and a waitress in northern Maine. She says she doesn’t know why a perfect stranger would give up their kidney, but she’s so grateful that she is.

“She has to just be a wonderful person,” said Deming.

Deming says her donor could be out of work for up to three weeks after the surgery. If you’d like to help her donor with lost wages during her recovery, you can contact Deming at 207-688-2262.

The surgery is scheduled for March 1 at Maine Medical Center in Portland.