Did you know that Portland has a flag? Neither did we, until we came across a video tearing apart the city’s flag for breaking a bunch of design principles.

It’s not clear when — or even if — the city officially adopted the current flag, which flies outside City Hall and is on display in the council chambers.

But one thing is certain: Portland needs a better flag.

That’s why we’re launching this contest. We’re looking for the city’s best artists, designers — or even just anyone with a good idea — to come forward and help design a flag that represents the city and actually looks good.

The winner will be chosen by readers among three finalists narrowed down by the judges. BDN Maine will award $300 to the designer whose flag gets the most votes.

Ben Coursey, a contest judge and Portland high school student working to get the city to adopt a new flag, plans to take the three finalists’ flags before the City Council.

Read all about it, and upload your design here.

Dan MacLeod is the managing editor of the Bangor Daily News. He's an Orland native who moved to Portland in 2002 and now lives in Unity. He's been a journalist since 2008, and previously worked for the...