GARDINER, Maine — Some marathon spectators may think they are seeing double at the race today. Ward and Wade Bourdeau are identical twins from Gardiner, and they are two of the more than 200 Mainers running the Boston Marathon this year.

It’s no surprise that Bourdeau twins have a lot in common: Their favorite hobby is running.

“We’ve run through high school college junior high, we always run together. It has just become our best time together,” Ward Bourdeau said.

They’ve run dozens of races together, and they are taking on the Boston Marathon side-by-side for the third time.

“Together it is even more special. For both of us to qualify it is not an easy task, and we’ve gone through a lot of races just trying to get in,” Bourdeau said.

The two grew up in Brunswick and now live in Gardiner. Wade Bourdeau moved there first, and Ward Bourdeau said he had to follow. They’ve turned their training into their own time together.

“All of our training runs are together, so that’s our social time. That is when we get to go out and be together to talk about our day or what not,” Wade Bourdeau said.

While the twins would love to set new personal records today, they say having fun is their No. 1 goal. Ward Bourdeau and Wade Bourdeau said running first gave them an identity in high school, and it continues today.

“Without doubt, we’re always running together. It’s just what we do. It’s who we are now,” Wade Bourdeau said.

When asked if they will cross the finish line together, Bourdeau said, yes. “That’s usually how we’ve done it.”