As spring arrives, signs of Aroostook County’s ongoing methamphetamine problem have turned up on the roads of Mars Hill.

Late Sunday evening, police received a call about a suspicious-looking bottle along West Ridge Road in Mars Hill.

According to the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office, the sports drink bottle appears to have been used for do-it-yourself meth manufacturing, the potentially explosive process of turning cold medicine into the dangerous drug.

Springtime means dealing with the remains of litter from winter, and the trash in Mars Hill comes amid other recent discoveries of meth manufacturing in Limestone over the last month. State authorities have recovered evidence of more than two dozen suspected meth-making operations so far this year, and in Aroostook County the district attorney is prosecuting a number of individuals accused of making meth, including residents of Fort Fairfield and Washburn.

“Please be careful handling bottles and if they look disfigured, burned or appear to have something in them, leave them alone and give us a call,” the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office advised.