BRUNSWICK, Maine — Two first-floor windows were broken at Curtis Memorial Library overnight Sunday in the second incidence of vandalism at the library this month.

Police went to the library just before 7 a.m. Monday after staff reported two windows on the west side of the building, closest to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, said Brunswick police Sgt. Paul Hansen.

Another window in the same area was broken overnight on April 8, he said.

Hansen said police estimated the damage in both incidents at $300, but Melissa Hall, building supervisor at Curtis, said Monday that their estimates, including security measures, are closer to $600.

“We feel very sad about it,” Hall said. “When you hurt the library, it’s hurting the community because our funding comes from the community.”

Hansen said the incidents remain under investigation and no further information was available.

But Hall said a maintenance worker who arrived at the library at 4:30 a.m. Monday reported seeing “a couple of males walking down the street.”

Police said they are not aware of any potential connection, but did confirm that two men were issued criminal summonses at approximately 4 a.m. Monday after a police officer responded to reports that they were spray-painting graffiti on a road sign on Maine Street near Morning Glory Natural Foods.