PORTLAND, Maine — Portland police are investigating the report of gunfire in the parking lot of a shopping plaza Tuesday night.

Police say they were called to the Shaw’s in the Westgate Shopping Center on outer Congress Street at around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday for the report of gunfire.

People who shop in the area say violence is rare.

By the time police arrived, the people involved in the shooting were gone, but witnesses reported seeing a light-skinned man approach another vehicle and fire a handgun. Witnesses also say they saw a gold Honda Accord and white GMC leave the scene.

Investigators think this was an isolated incident, but they don’t have a motive and want to know what the conversation was between the people involved.

While police say no one was hurt, people who live in the area fear someone who wasn’t involved could have been.

Police say they are working with businesses in the shopping center to d get surveillance footage of the altercation.

Police also are looking for more witnesses to contact them.

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