ROCKLAND, Maine — Adam Ackor breezed to victory Tuesday, winning a rare vacant seat on the Rockland City Council.

The outcome could have a significant impact on two major issues facing the council — the issue of whether to retain the current city attorney and the proposed ordinances to regulate power plants.

Ackor has voiced support for city attorney Kevin Beal.

Michael Hebert, who was running for the City Council seat, had said he considered the council’s preliminary vote to contract out for legal and planning services as a good compromise.

Ackor also has voiced strong support for the energy ordinances, and Hebert said he opposed additional regulations.

Ackor won with 404 votes compared with 153 for Herbert.

Ackor said Tuesday evening he was grateful for the support and was excited about the opportunity to work for the community. He will be sworn in Wednesday and attend his first meeting Thursday as part of closed-door meetings with the city attorney and outside attorney.

The seat was vacated in early March by William Jillson, who resigned, citing the inability to work with other councilors or the city manager.

Ackor owns and operates Shore Village Builders. He has served on the comprehensive planning commission for the past year and a half.