Time for national monument

Having worked in the forest products industry, I’ve seen benevolence and appreciation for conservation from its managers and landowners. I had hoped the Maine Forest Products Council had this vision of balance, but they do not.

Good economic health and good stewardship of the earth are not unlike caring for our own physical health. Moderation and balance are key. There is not one superfood that sustains us, not one pill that cures all.

This national monument is a healthy balance — beautiful land nested in three watersheds, with panoramas that perfectly exemplifies interior Maine, culturally and historically rich, preserved, shared and managed in iconic national monument designation. This is most certainly desirable to those who live in concrete jungles and to those who live here. This is an economic opportunity that doesn’t cure all of our ills but enables our businesses, service organizations, taxpayers and children to get a foothold and build on it. We are obliged as Mainers to navigate our economic and ecological health — to maintain the balance.

Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King should be leading the support for the Maine North Woods national monument. Instead, they wait on the fence for fair weather to come. Rep. Bruce Poliquin visited the region and for hours heard many passionate, viable and considerate reasons for bringing the monument to fruition. He smiled and ignored them all.

When I told a wise friend/historian that the Republican Party’s platform includes trying to limit presidential authority to designate national monuments, he said: “Teddy Roosevelt would be appalled.” I know I am.

Georgia Manzo

Indian Purchase 4 Township

Republicans wrong on Comey

In Dana Milbank’s July 15 column, “Republican attacks on Comey undermine rule of law,” I submit that a simple principle applies: It is the grant of unequal justice, not the criticism of same, that undermines the rule of law.

William Master


Outlaw hatred, bigotry

In response to David Farmer’s July 14 column, stating that Michael Heath announced his group’s goal to make it OK to punish people for being gay, wouldn’t it make more sense to outlaw hatred, discrimination, bigotry? We are not born to hate. In Heath’s words: “There is conduct that ought to be punished.” True — hatred, discrimination and bigotry.

Sharie Laveway


GOP convention and guns

In spite of my pacifist leanings, I am somewhat disappointed that authorities in Cleveland have denied a petition to allow GOP delegates the “right” to open carry firearms on the floor during its upcoming national convention.

Considering the irony of the situation, we may be missing out on an opportunity for a genuine reality check.

Rodney L. Hanscom


Praise for conservation work

I want to inform all what a unique and extraordinary woman Karin Tilberg is. We met in the spring of 2015. It did not take me long to realize that she was an exceptional lady.

She has accomplished many achievements in her career. She staffs the Forest Society of Maine’s Greenville office, negotiates easements and helps with administration work. She is also a former staffer for Maine Audubon and later a senior advisor to former Gov. John Baldacci on conservation issues.

Tilberg has worked for more than three decades in law and policy to promote vibrant communities in Maine. She has led efforts to bring local businesses, landowners, guides and community leaders together around shared ideas of land conservation focused on sustaining managed forest, outdoor recreation and economic health.

Charlie Boothby