WESTBROOK, Maine — City police have administered Narcan on two occasions since Sunday evening to help treat opioid overdose victims, according to a statement released Tuesday.

The alleged overdoses occurred Sunday night and Monday night, according to the statement. Both victims survived.

In the first instance, an uninvolved citizen called police after witnessing suspicious activity, and officers found a 27-year-old Portland man suffering from an apparent opioid overdose.

The victim’s companion was trying to revive him and did not call 911.

The second incident occurred when another concerned citizen called 911 to report the opiod overdose of a 26-year-old Scarborough man. Like in the first case, the victim’s companion did not call 911 after trying to revive him.

Both incidents remain under investigation, and both victims were brought to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

Police advise the public to immediately call 911 if they suspect a person is suffering from an opioid overdose.

Ryan McLaughlin

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