Grow up, white men

During this election I have heard it stated repeatedly that white men are backing Donald Trump because they are falling behind economically. But the truth is that this is only part of the reason.

To be honest, most white people, especially men, are having an epic freak out. There are too many Latinos in the country, too many Muslims, too many foreigners in different clothes living in their areas, too many gays getting married, too many women taking leadership roles, too many other people in their world. In fact, there is one of these others currently in the White House, with the possibility of a woman to follow. It’s all just too much for the frail white ego of many men.

They “want their country back,” as they keep saying. What they really mean is they want all the other people to go away so they can have their perfect Mayberry fantasy land, where they are in charge and no one else demands to be treated equally. They pine for the past that was good for them but misery for everyone else.

But I think it’s time that the delicate white men of this country were sat down for a little chat. It’s time to make them aware that the world is changing and is not going back just because they can’t cope. And this message needs to come from other white men who understand that just because their world is changing doesn’t mean there isn’t room for them. To put it simply, grow up.

Kevin Gardner


Collins not a Republican

Once again Sen. Susan Collins has shown her Maine Republican constituents her true colors. By announcing to the press she was not going to vote for Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president, she has proven once and for all she is not a Republican.

Either she is a Republican or she is not. Sorry, there is no moderate Republican Party. She can’t change the rules after she joins the team. Just like Sen. Angus King, who prides himself on being an “independent” but always votes with the far left, is a Democrat. So why doesn’t he admit it?

So what does Collins’ decision not to support the party’s candidate really mean? It means she does not care about our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights, the U.S. Supreme Court, unborn children, protecting Americans from Islamic terrorists or saving our nation from the downward financial, moral and racial spiral we have been on since 2008.

It means she does not care if Hillary Clinton, a woman who has the blood of four American men on her hands, who over and over again has proven to be a liar, who befriends our nation’s enemies and is corrupted by money and power, becomes the next president of the United States.

It means our RINO senator, one of the Washington elite, has told every Republican conservative in Maine who voted for her that she does not care about them.

Beth Weirich


Poliquin’s double standard

Rep. Bruce Poliquin recently proposed a bill to target food stamp fraud, saying he wanted to stop people from cheating the system and that he wanted to save “precious, limited taxpayer money for those who truly need it.”

But consider the fact that Poliquin has just been caught paying his taxes late dozens of times and abused the Maine Tree Growth Program to pay almost no taxes on his multimillion-dollar property in Georgetown. The Legislature and Gov. Paul LePage actually fixed the law after Poliquin was caught because it was a system intended to help Maine jobs, not Poliquin’s checkbook.

Contrasted with his latest bill proposal, the whole situation drips of irony. The direction of Poliquin’s moral compass has to be seriously questioned. He seems incredibly worried about other people playing by the rules but doesn’t play by them himself.

Danielle Lane


Trump’s trash talk

When I hear that a politician is pivoting, I think of basketball. Once a player stops dribbling, he must anchor his actions in a pivot foot. So if Donald Trump is pivoting, in what is his pivot foot anchored?

I believe it’s his basic, core, fundamental beliefs and attitudes. Those don’t change. Because the pivot foot can’t move, the player can twist, turn and look for teammates, but moving the pivot foot is a foul.

So, I see Trump’s pivoting as a flurry of twisting and turning but no real movement — just words, or in basketball terms trash talking.

Mark Schwartz

South Portland

Vote yes on Question 2

I implore my fellow community members to join me in voting yes on Question 2 this November to provide more funding for public education. As an elementary public school teacher in Belfast, I have seen the effects firsthand of the state’s failure to fund public schools to the promised rate of 55 percent. The severely underfunded system has led to a lack of access to basic classroom consumable supplies, fewer quality professional development opportunities for staff and severe cuts to necessary staff and programs for our schools.

Despite local school board and community members’ best efforts, the burden to fund this budget shortfall gap has fallen to our local property taxpayers. But we have a solution to our funding dilemma. Question 2 proposes a 3 percent surtax on annual income over $200,000, which would generate approximately $157 million annually for public education. This money would go directly to support public education, and it is a sound investment in our children and our future.

It’s time for our schools to be fully funded, as was promised more than a decade ago, and a “yes” vote on Question 2 will do exactly that. Every child in Maine deserves a great public school educational experience, regardless of their ZIP code. A “yes” vote on Question 2 will ensure access to the promised funding for public schools and would create much needed property tax relief in our rural towns. Please join me as I stand up for students in support of a “yes” vote on referendum Question 2.

Beth French


RSU 71