BANGOR, Maine — Friends and families in the Capehart area of the city came together Tuesday to celebrate summer and the back-to-school season.

Community Partnership for Protecting Children, Wings for Children and Families and other providers helped Capehart residents see off summer while assisting families in need with preparing for a new school year.

“One of the major goals of [Community Partnership for Protecting Children] is to promote support services for families. A block party is a perfect way to foster those in a fun and festive fashion,” said Mike Melochick, Community Partnership for Protecting Children program coordinator with Wings for Children and Families.

Many local agencies, businesses and groups were on hand to provide a wide array of activities. Miller Drug, the Bangor Police Department, Realty of Maine and Literacy Volunteers all accepted invitations to be part of this effort to strengthen families.

The “Bomb-Bot” robot and the Duck of Justice, both crowd favorites, were at the event, according to the Bangor Police Department Community Relations Officer Jason McAmbley.

Literacy Volunteers offered children’s books, and Realty of Maine donated finances to help fund backpacks and other essential back-to-school supplies.