BATCHELDER’S GRANT PLANTATION, Maine — A New Hampshire man who was known for competing in Ironman and other triathlon events died Saturday afternoon after crashing his bicycle while riding down a steep mountain road on Route 113 in the White Mountains National Forest, Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant said Tuesday evening.

James Soroka, 69, had been riding a bicycle with a friend and was wearing a helmet when the crash occurred about noon on Evans Notch, a mountain pass located about a mile east of the New Hampshire border, Gallant said. When the friend reached the bottom of the incline, he did not see Soroka and pedaled back to search for him.

The riding companion indicated that the two were traveling at speeds of 40-45 mph as they rode down the hill, Gallant said.

A nurse who came upon the crash attempted to administer first aid and CPR but was not able to revive Soroka, Gallant said. He said Soroka was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency medical personnel from Bethel and Fryeburg.

Gallant said that Soroka had planned well for the outing, that he was riding with a companion, had let others know what route he was taking and that he had taken all of the other safety precautions.

Gallant said that an autopsy was performed to determine whether Soroka died from injuries he suffered in the crash or if he experienced a medical problem. The results were not yet available, the sheriff said.