YARMOUTH, Maine — Police are searching for a man who crashed a stolen truck into a Yarmouth home Friday night.

The driver of the stolen truck was fleeing from police when he lost control of the vehicle after taking a curve on Main Street too fast. The truck then crashed into a house.

“All of a sudden I heard this great big noise,” said the homeowner, who didn’t want to be identified. “I figured there was an accident and it sounded like my house was going to deteriorate.”

The home only sustained minor damage after witnesses said the truck skidded to a stop against it.

“They were going really fast so I thought maybe it was just a teenager or something,” Andy Pott, a witness, said. “Then all of a sudden we heard it again and then a loud crash and you could tell the car was rolling.”

The truck ended up pinned against the home with its roof and doors crushed, and the driver escaped.

“We could see a guy crawling out of the window and we were thinking let’s call 911,” Pott said. “Then we heard the sirens come around the corner and that’s when we knew it had to be a high-speed chase.”

The truck was stolen from Freeport early Friday, and it almost hit a police officer in Portland before it was spotted in Yarmouth, police said. That’s when police said the driver fled down Main Street.

“It was horrendous and it just startled me,” the homeowner said. “Then I thought well I should call 911 but when I came out there were all kinds of cops already here.”

The suspect is a white man with a shaved head. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and limping away from the scene.

“All I could see was a white T-shirt and he wasn’t moving fast so I was assuming he was probably in shock,” Wendy Haltom, a witness, said. “I think as soon as he saw those cops coming he took off around her house.”

Police canvassed the area with K-9 units Friday night but were unsuccessful in finding the suspect.

Anyone with information about the suspect can call the Yarmouth police at 846-3333.