ROCKLAND, Maine — A Union man has sued a longtime Rockland-based fishing and marine company, claiming he was fired because he was old.

The lawsuit on behalf of Greg Ricciardi was filed Aug. 9 in Knox County Unified Court in Rockland against O’Hara Corp.

The corporation denies the allegations.

The lawsuit states that Ricciardi, who had worked for the company since January 2001, was 65 when he was fired in August 2014.

The suit contends that in the five years before Ricciardi was fired, O’Hara Corp. had strongly encouraged five other employees who were in their 60s and 70s to leave the company. Those workers left but later expressed a desire to have remained, the suit maintains.

Ricciardi seeks compensation for lost wages, punitive damages and legal and court costs. He is represented by attorneys Erik Black and Arthur Greif of Bangor.

In a response filed on Aug. 17 by attorney Carol Eisenberg of Portland, the company denies terminating Ricciardi because of his age. The firm states in the court filing that it reserves the right to demonstrate other reasons for Ricciardi leaving the company, but the document does not include any.

Ricciardi had filed a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission, which issued him a right-to-sue letter in December. A person can request a right-to-sue letter if the commission has not completed an investigation within 180 days.