LINCOLN, Maine — Police issued a summons to a Macwahoc man for allegedly driving more than 100 mph and refusing to stop while taking a chain saw accident victim through downtown to Penobscot Valley Hospital on Thursday.

Justin Osgood, 33, of Macwahoc was issued a summons for driving to endanger, a Class E crime, after Officer John Walsh and Detective Mark Fucile were forced to use their cruisers to box in and slow Osgood’s Subaru Forester as Osgood raced along Main Street, or Route 2, to Route 155 and the hospital, Walsh said.

Blaring his car horn to clear his path, Osgood allegedly ignored police orders to slow down or stop for a waiting ambulance relayed by a woman in his back seat who was in cellphone contact with Penobscot Regional Communication Center dispatcher Brad Fitzgerald, officials said.

“He was advised several times he needed to stop and he said no, and continued on,” Fucile said Thursday. “Personnel in the ambulance said he was all over the road.”

Walsh said he could have pressed several other charges against Osgood, including criminal speeding, illegal passing and refusing to stop for a law enforcement officer, but opted to go with the lesser charge in light of Osgood’s belief that he was getting a critically injured man to the hospital.

“The point that we are trying to drive home is that driving over 100 mph through a school zone is unreasonable. It’s dangerous with the foot traffic and the other traffic that was there at the time,” Walsh said.

When the incident was first reported, at about 10:05 a.m., school was in session and Main Street had a typical volume of traffic, which parted once Fucile and Walsh got their cruisers in front of and behind the Subaru, said Walsh, who first saw Osgood’s vehicle near Fox Farm Road, about 500 feet from Mattanawcook Academy.

“I truly believe,” Walsh said, “that he would have been going 80 or more [miles per hour] through downtown” if police didn’t force him to slow.

A main artery through Penobscot County, Route 2 runs by Mattanawcook Academy and Ella P. Burr School and the most densely packed and commercial area of Main Street before becoming Route 155, or Enfield Road, and reaching Penobscot Valley Hospital.

The victim apparently suffered cuts to his chest, face and neck from a chain saw accident in Macwahoc, which is about 30 miles northeast of Lincoln via Route 2.

The victim’s name, extent of injuries suffered and the circumstances of the chain saw accident were unknown to the investigators. Medical privacy laws prohibit hospitals from releasing details of a patient’s condition unless supplied with the patient’s name and consent.

Attempts to contact Osgood were not immediately successful.

If found guilty of driving to endanger, he could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Osgood is due in Lincoln District Court on Nov. 8, police said.