Impeach LePage

Gov. Paul LePage should be impeached for his recent public conduct against a legislator. Not only was it offensive, but also disrespectful of his office and the state of Maine he’s charged with governing.

I implore the Republican Party, House Minority Leader Ken Fredette and Senate President Mike Thibodeau to join with Democrats to reconvene the House and Senate and finally vote for impeachment of the most unfit governor in Maine’s history.

Jeffrey Smith


Linguistic weeds

With our nation so bitterly polarized, it seems like finding broad consensus anywhere in the political landscape would be a significant positive step. Based on this premise, I would like to put forward a modest but eminently worthwhile proposal.

Can we as a people agree to do everything possible to curb the mindless proliferation of “at the end of the day” and “let’s be clear”? Wouldn’t it be great if Americans joined together in a resolute commitment to extirpate these noxious linguistic weeds?

Lorenzo Mitchell

Blue Hill

Open the debates to third parties

The first of the presidential debates will take place later this month. This year, as in most election cycles, the event will feature only the two people representing the corporately controlled mainstream political parties.

There are two other political parties this time around that are fielding candidates, both of whom will be on the ballot in more than 40 states, which is enough so that they have a statistical chance of winning the Electoral College: Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. I want to hear them bringing their wisdom, knowledge, insight and vision to these proceedings.

Currently, the independent commission that schedules the presidential debates is not allowing Stein and Johnson to participate in the debates. This keeps out actual meaningful debate about the issues.

Many others and I advocate that if a candidate can get on the ballot in as many states as the candidates for the Green and Libertarian parties have done, then he or she should be seen and heard. All Americans deserve to know all options for whom they can actually vote. There are more of us aligned as independents or as members of other political parties than there are enrolled either as Democrats or Republicans. Why should the mainstream parties and the corporate media control our public airwaves and to whom we will be exposed?

What Stein and Johnson are saying is vitally important to where we go from here. I want to see them side by side with the other two presidential candidates.

Matthew Scala


Island mail hardship

The U.S. mail has been safely delivered to Swan’s Island and Frenchboro by Louis “L.J.” Hopkins for decades, along with essential supplies, such as prescriptions and groceries, for the one island store.

Earlier this year, the postmaster in Southwest Harbor, Mary Saucier, implemented new rules prohibiting mail from being transported in the same vehicle with essential supplies, unleashing widespread hardship onto the island residents. This action also threatens the survival of the only island store. There has never been a problem with the delivery of mail with essential supplies, and there are many rural and island communities where this merging of mail and supplies is allowed.

It is an outrage that the postal service is seeking to prevent the necessary efficiency that island living requires. It is an outrage that they have the power to make up their own rules. The mail has been safe and secure for decades. This is government power run amok, at its worst, doing only harm.

Let’s hope a petition with more than 700 signatures and our appeal to local representatives and officials here and in Washington, D.C., will overturn this travesty of justice.

Michael Wilson

Swan’s Island

Reject legal marijuana

An Aug. 30 BDN article explored what actions the Bangor City Council could take to limit sales of marijuana if voters legalize pot in Maine. Hey, what a great idea. Another article that day detailed the agonizing loss of a beautiful 21-year-old woman to a drug overdose. More and more, each day, we read of deaths to addicting drugs in our beautiful state of Maine. What’s wrong with this picture?

Ask law enforcement across Maine, and the nation for that matter, what drug is most often considered a “gateway” drug? Marijuana is the overwhelming answer. OK, we have alcohol and tobacco legalized.

As a retired educator and coach for more than 34 years, I have seen so many lives and families destroyed by drugs and alcohol. My stomach churns thinking about legalizing another drug to satisfy the “if it feels good, do it” mentality many have today.

Please simply read the news, do research, talk to law enforcement and coaches. Make an informed, educated decision taking into account our youth and Maine’s future. It’s not a harmless drug.

Jerry Perkins


LePage’s disgrace

Gov. Paul LePage has, during his tenure, had some ideas and proposed legislation that, I think, have or would have benefited the people of Maine. But there haven’t been enough of those ideas to outweigh the disgrace he otherwise brings to that office all too often.

In the 1950s and 1960s, my grandfather Ted Maddox was a representative in the Maine Legislature. He was a gentleman, as were his contemporaries in the Legislature. He was a proud man. He was proud to be a Republican, proud to be a legislator, proud to be an American and a patriot.

He died years ago standing at attention as he led the Fourth of July parade here on Vinalhaven. The one thing about today’s political climate for which I’m truly grateful is that he is not here to be a witness.

Phil Crossman


Stop bullying animals

Pig scrambles at local fairs need to be stopped. These events send the message that pain can be caused to animals or any small creature, and that is not what we want to teach our children. Allowing screeching pigs to be carried upside down into an enclosed pen and then chased and pinned down is purely bullying behavior.

Joyce Bradway