The Senior League World Series had an extraordinary 15-year run in Bangor at Mansfield Stadium. I want to thank everyone who contributed to its success.

The SLWS was able to operate because of its sponsors who provided both monetary support and in-kind donations. The City of Bangor provided support whenever asked. The City Council, the Community and Economic Development Department, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works/Electrical all were receptive to the needs of the SLWS.

All the vendors who provided services were exceptional in their service but a couple need individual mentions. There were trials at the Holiday Inn but the staff there always worked hard to meet the needs of the SLWS staff and the teams staying there. The Penobscot Job Corps Culinary Arts Department, which provided lunch and dinner each day of the SLWS, always provided outstanding food choices and the SLWS was complimented every year on the food and the student’s service in preparing and serving the food.

Mansfield Stadium, its board and staff, all worked tirelessly to ensure that the field was the finest any of the SLWS participants had ever played upon. The fans from all over central and eastern Maine, many who came year after year, were always vocal in their support and great representatives of who Maine people really are.

And finally, to the SLWS committee and the rest of the volunteers I offer my never-ending gratitude. While I may have been the face of the SLWS it was you, the volunteers, who were the heart and soul. For 15 years all the feedback from SLWS participants was how magnificent the volunteers were. Their hospitality and dedication to their work in ensuring that the SLWS participants were offered the experience of a lifetime was first-rate and truly were the efforts of persons whose first thought was always of the participants, their families and friends.

To my wife and family, thanks for not only putting up with me but for joining in wholeheartedly in the SLWS for these many years. We didn’t end in a manner expected but everyone should know that their efforts were unsurpassed by any other World Series put on by Little League and we should remain proud of the work that was done.

Mike Brooker of Bangor served as the executive director of the Senior League World Series at Mansfield Stadium for the entirety of its 15-year run in Bangor. Little League Baseball recently announced that the tournament is being moved to Easley, South Carolina.