YARMOUTH, Maine — Three vehicles are smashed and a building is damaged after a high-speed chase came to a dramatic end in Yarmouth.

Police said the pursuit only spanned about 2 miles, but the car sped more than 100 mph through rural areas.

The homeowners said they believe their three cars have been totaled after a car slammed into them early Tuesday morning. The driver was traveling so fast that the crash even pushed a Jeep into a trailer and a truck into the building.

Teri and Stephen Welch said they were asleep when police knocked on their door after midnight with bad news.

Police said a high-speed chase that started in Cumberland ended at their home and business “Reed’s Machine Shop” in Yarmouth.

Police said an officer originally pulled over Anthony Lane, 21, for having a license plate light out.

“After some hesitation on driver’s part, the car did pull over and stop, but when our officer got out of the car and attempted to make contact with driver, the driver sped off, heading north on Route 88,” Chief Charles Rumsey said.

Police said Lane was going more than 100 mph when he missed a curve and crashed. The collision was so powerful, it even put a street sign into one of the cars.

Police said Lane was driving his mother’s car, and they suspect he took off because he didn’t want to get in trouble for not having a license.

The Welch’s said they’re happy no one was hurt but wish none of this had happened.

The driver was released on bail from the Cumberland County Jail. He faces up to five years in prison and up to $8,000 in fines.

Lane has been charged with a Class C felony of eluding an officer, as well as misdemeanors for operating without a license, driving to endanger and criminal speed.