MILLINOCKET, Maine — Local and state police continued to gather evidence Tuesday on an apparent cutting or stabbing attack of a Millinocket man on Monday night.

Millinocket Police Chief Steven Kenyon said Tuesday that the man’s name is being withheld, at least for now, because investigators have not been able to locate any close relatives.

“Nobody’s been notified,” Kenyon said.

Police went to a home on Medway Road after the man’s injuries were reported by an acquaintance of the victim, according to the chief.

“There were severe facial wounds and a significant slice or cut on his neck [or] throat area,” the chief said. “Obviously, they weren’t self inflicted, I don’t believe.”

Specifics about the man’s medical condition were not immediately available on Tuesday afternoon.

“I believe he’s stable,” Kenyon said, adding that the man was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor for treatment.

Kenyon said the victim has lived in Millinocket “for quite some time” and that he is in his mid-60s. He said the man lives alone at a home on Medway Road, but he could not provide the street number.

“There is no address for this particular residence or anything, so I don’t know that he ever had an actual address,” Kenyon said, adding that as far as he could tell, no mail had ever been delivered to the man’s residence.

Maine State Police, including the Major Crimes Unit, are assisting Millinocket police with the investigation.

As of Tuesday afternoon, it was not yet clear how the man was injured or who might have been involved.

“We have no suspect at this time. We are still collecting evidence out there right now,” Kenyon said, adding that police had to obtain a search warrant. “It seems convoluted at this point.”