BANGOR, Maine — Police announced Thursday that they are offering a reward for information about a pawn shop burglary in which 16 handguns were stolen.

Anyone who can provide information that leads to an arrest or conviction for the person or people responsible for the burglary at JG Pawn on Center Street on Wednesday morning is asked to call 207-974-7384, ext. 5716 or hit option 6 on the phone menu.

At about 3 a.m. Wednesday, surveillance cameras recorded what appeared to be a lone man shattering a pane of glass adjacent to the front door at JG Pawn at 99 Center St. With the store’s alarm system sounding, the burglar went straight to a display case containing 17 handguns, shattered the top glass after failing to get through the case lock, threw 16 of the weapons in some kind of duffel bag and fled, police said.

Police are investigating whether the burglary is linked to a break-in on Sept. 30 in which five of six handguns were stolen from JG. The display case targeted then was the same as the one smashed on Wednesday. The burglars in both thefts bypassed a line of rifles locked to the wall behind the display and many other valuables.

The weapons stolen Wednesday were worth at least $4,000, while the broken glass will take about $525 to replace. Detectives and evidence technicians swept the store, got the surveillance video to review and canvassed the neighborhood for witnesses. Police got to the store within six minutes of the alarm, the store owner said.

Police did not specify how much the reward would be.