ALLAGASH, Maine — A Vermont man was found safe Wednesday after an unexpected night’s stay in the Maine woods, according to the Maine Warden Service.

Brownell Bacon, 79, of Arlington, Vermont, left his camp in Allagash at around noon Nov. 8 to go deer hunting in the Johnson Brook area. When he failed to return after dark, friends went searching for him. They located his vehicle but were unable to make voice contact with him.

Friends told game wardens that Bacon was showing signs of dementia.

Wardens searched on foot and in vehicles throughout the night, trying a variety of noise techniques to make contact with Bacon. Shortly after 6 this morning, Bacon emerged from the woods and onto the road. He came out about 400 yards from his truck shortly after game wardens had fired another series of shots to attempt contact.

Bacon was missing a boot, his hat, rifle and keys; at the time of the warden service’s statement, those items had not yet been recovered. Bacon was confused and disoriented and was brought back to his camp and checked by medical personnel from Ambulance Service Inc. of Fort Kent. Fortunately Bacon was dressed in wool clothing, which helped keep him warm and dry overnight.

Bacon apparently became disoriented late Tuesday and was unable to find his way back to his truck. Bacon said he heard the horns and gunshots of searchers during the night and fortunately made his way out Wednesday morning.

Maine game wardens remind all hunters tell someone your hunting plan for the day, including where you are going and when you plan to return. If your plans change, be sure to tell someone. Bring a small pack that includes essential items such as food and water, medications, a means to make fire, extra socks, a compass or GPS and a cellphone. All of these items will easily fit into a comfortable pack that will add considerable safety to any trip. These items will not only make an unexpected stay in the woods more comfortable, Maine’s game wardens will have a much easier time locating you should you become lost.