HARPSWELL, Maine — Five pets are dead after a fire destroyed a home in Harpswell.

Fire officials said the homeowners were using a salamander kerosene powered heater to thaw pipes in the crawl space under the home. That heater started the fire.

A friend of the residents said Monday night that there’s nothing left inside.

Officials said it’s unclear whether there were working smoke alarms in the home.

The two people who live there made it out without any injuries, but a friend said they had five birds that didn’t make it.

The fire chief said that because there weren’t any injuries and the homeowners found the fire, the fire marshal’s office won’t be investigating.

Fire officials said the size of their department made it difficult to put out the flames.

The home is on Hiram’s Drive out on a peninsula, which officials said also made it difficult to respond.

There’s also a large amount of lobster fishing equipment; the homeowner runs Webber and Sons Lobster Incorporated.