If you hook up jumper cables to a transformer to steal electricity, you could get charged.

Nicholas Gagne, 36, of Wales was arrested at his home after the Maine State Police were told by Central Maine Power officials that he had repeatedly climbed the power pole outside his house to connect “what amounted to jumper cable clamps” to the transformer and run a power line to his house, according to a post on the state police Instagram account.

It did not specify when the incident took place, but Central Maine Power told police it was the third time its employees had to disconnect the jury-rigged line.

“The CMP official was impressed with the ingenuity, but told [Trooper Tyler] Plourde that it was wildly dangerous for risk of electrocution to Gagne and those around the pole, as well as a significant fire danger,” the post reads.

Not only that, it also posed a serious risk to Central Maine Power employees when they were working on the lines.

Troopers Plourde and Nathan Jamo confronted Gagne at his house at 237 Oak Hill Road in Wales, where he admitted to running the line from the power pole to his house, according to police.

He was arrested on a charge of theft of services, a Class C crime, and he potentially faces other charges, including aggravated criminal mischief, also a Class C crime, according to the post. A Class C crime is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Central Maine Power also produced a bill detailing more than $3,000 in stolen power, not including the cost of labor for the three disconnections.