BANGOR, Maine — For the second time in two months, acquaintances of out-of-staters arrested in Bangor for dealing crack cocaine have been accused of bringing more drugs into the city to sell for bail money.

Two men from Brooklyn, New York, were arrested this week, Cmdr. Peter Arno of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said in a statement issued Thursday, with the second man accused of seeking to sell crack cocaine to raise funds to get his friend out of jail. A similar situation occurred at the end of last year with a man and woman from Boston.

“In what is becoming an almost weekly theme, agents from MDEA’s North Central Task Force in Bangor recently opened an investigation into the illegal importation and sale of cocaine base or ‘crack’ in the Bangor area by out of state drug traffickers,” Arno said in the statement.

Tylee Felder, 21, of Brooklyn was arrested by MDEA agents on Monday “after it was discovered that he was bringing crack cocaine, by bus, from New York to Bangor for re-sale,” Arno said.

When approached by MDEA agents, Felder took off running but was quickly caught by Bangor police officers. He was seen throwing a bag that contained 2 ounces of crack cocaine, and was charged with trafficking in a scheduled drug, a Class A felony because of the amount seized. Felder remains at the county jail unable to make bail set at $25,000 in cash.

After his arrest, agents learned that an associate of Felder’s was on his way to Bangor, also by bus, with more crack cocaine.

“This crack cocaine was likely going to be sold in order to help raise funds in order to bail Felder out of jail,” the MDEA commander said.

On Wednesday night, agents identified Felder’s associate as he exited a bus on Union Street and got into the front seat of an awaiting pickup truck. MDEA agents, assisted by the Bangor Police Department, stopped this vehicle a short distance from the bus station.

Temaur Murdaugh, 19, of Brooklyn was found with approximately 1 ounce of crack, with a street value of around $3,000. He was charged with Class B trafficking in scheduled drugs and taken to Penobscot County Jail. Murdaugh remains in the county jail unable to come up with $50,000 cash bail.

At the end of last year, a man and woman from Boston were arrested under similar circumstances, according to Arno.

Cedric Butler, 39, of Boston was arrested on Nov. 30 and charged with unlawful possession of crack cocaine and felony aggravated trafficking. Kareena Khan, 24, of Boston arrived the following day with 63 grams of crack cocaine “in an attempt to raise the funds necessary ($5,000) to allegedly bail [him] out of jail,” Arno said at the time.