East Coast Snocross won’t return to Bangor’s Bass Park next season, but Hermon’s Speedway 95 auto race track is being considered as a possible relocation site.

East Coast Snocross has held a race weekend the past three years at Bass Park, but East Coast Snocross owner Kurt Gagne said last weekend’s event wasn’t successful financially because of poor attendance and the fact he has to pay the city of Bangor $5,000 for the use of the facility.

“That’s a lot to pay. That’s more than we’re used to paying at other venues. That hurt us, especially considering what we bring into the city,” said Gagne, referring to the revenue generated by the event that helps local businesses such as hotels and restaurants.

He said snocross “isn’t a sport you get rich off. You do it because you love the sport.”

“But you have to make money to survive,” he added.

Gagne hasn’t taken a look at the books yet but knows it isn’t going to be a profitable weekend.

“Hopefully, we didn’t lose a ton of money,” said Gagne.

He praised the organizers, venue, volunteers, sponsors and the city of Bangor for their willingness to put on the event.

“We had a great time. And the number of participants was up,” he said. “We don’t want to take it out of Maine, but we’re going to try a different area next year.”

He said he had researched Speedway 95 in the past and feels it provides a viable option. But he also said he is going to explore other sites in the area and the state, too.

“We hold a lot of races off the beaten path and at fairgrounds and racetracks,” he said.

Jennifer Khavari, the director of the Eastern Maine Community College Foundation and one of the race organizers, said she was shocked by the low spectator turnout.

“We spent a lot more on advertising this year. We got the word out,” said Khavari. “I know there were other activities. I know parking was an issue on Saturday because of the [regional] cheerleading [at the adjacent Cross Insurance Center].”

East Coast Snocross is the top fundraiser for the nonprofit Eastern Maine Community College Foundation, and the Bangor-based school supplies many of the volunteers.

Khavari indicated that if the event is moved to Speedway 95 or another location in the Bangor area, the Eastern Maine Community College Foundation would be interested in continuing the partnership.

“If they are profitable, we make more money for our philanthropies. The EMCC Foundation relies heavily on donations from private individuals and business partners,” she said via text message.

Snocross combines the concept of motocross racing on snow using snowmobiles instead of dirt bikes. The 2/3-mile course includes a series of bumps, jumps and banked curves.