LISBON, Maine — A typical day at school for a Maine girl quickly turned memorable when her dad made a surprise return from his deployment in Kuwait.

The emotional reunion took place at Open Door Christian Academy in Lisbon on Monday.

After a seven-month deployment, Airman Sean O’Brien finally returned home to surprise his 10-year-old daughter, Malley.

In an incredibly moving video, Malley is asked to open the door to the classroom. She casually opens the door and begins to walk back to her seat.

She makes a slight turn to see who is entering the room. When she realizes the man is her dad, she runs into his arms and her face erupts with tears of joy.

Sean’s wife, Alyssa, said their three children missed their father terribly. He was deployed in July. This was longest amount of time he had spent away from his family.

Sean also surprised his two sons, Grady and Lincoln, at school.

In a second video, Sean is seen surprising Lincoln.

Alyssa said it was spirit week at school and the theme of the day was Heroes vs. Villains. Lincoln decided to dress in an airman’s uniform because his dad was his hero.