DIXFIELD, Maine — Law enforcement locked down a local high school Monday afternoon after a former student showed up on campus with what appeared to be a weapon.

School officials said someone spotted the former student on the Dirigo High School campus with what looked like a gun, prompting law enforcement to rush to the school and for the school to be locked down for more than an hour.

Police said a 17-year-old former student at Dirigo High School was seen outside the building, showing off what looked like a gun.

Investigators said it was later determined to be a fake gun that looked extremely real, but law enforcement dealt with the situation as if it were real.

Students were locked in their classrooms, and parents were sent alerts about what was happening.

Police said the former student isn’t facing any charges right now but will need to see his probation officer.

School officials said there were no injuries during the incident and classes went back to normal after the lockdown was lifted.