NEWFIELD, Maine — It’s a race against time in York County, as searchers hunt for a missing man.

John Sciaba, 34, of Newfield has not been seen since Friday.

At mid-morning Thursday, York County Sheriff Bill King suspended the search in West Newfield because of the snowstorm and near whiteout conditions.

“We’re very concerned for his safety right now,” King said.

King said Wednesday they searched by air and foot for Sciaba, who was last seen Friday, Feb. 3, leaving home to go camping in the woods behind his house.

“He went out camping, which is not unlike him. He’s an extreme camper,” King said. “However, according to his girlfriend, he’s never quite been out this long. And we’re concerned that he doesn’t have all the equipment.”

They did find some signs of him.

“We found a couple of places where it looks like he had set down and camped overnight or camped out,” King said.

Deputies tried to launch a drone Thursday morning, but it was too windy and snowy.

“It’s a heavily wooded area,” King said.

King said the cellphone Sciaba had with him is no longer working, so they won’t be able to find him that way. He’s hoping local snowmobile clubs join in the search once the storm passes, and he wants to make sure no one goes out looking on their own.

“There is always a chance that he could have fallen, that something could have happened that he wasn’t anticipating,” King said.

One thing is certain. When the search does resume, all the snow will make the search that much more difficult, because it will cover up any tracks and scent for the dogs to follow.