BURNHAM, Maine — The Maine State Police are investigating the death of a Burnham woman who was found in a car parked at her South Horseback Road home, where an intruder was found inside by police before dawn Sunday morning, according to Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland.

The victim, Joyce Wood, 72, called 911 before she died, McCausland said. State police identified an “intruder,” described as a young woman, at the home when they arrived, however no charges have been filed and McCausland declined to say whether she is considered a suspect.

Before state police and a Waldo County Sheriff’s Department deputy made it to the scene, Wood’s family members had arrived and placed her in a vehicle in her driveway, where she died, McCausland said. He declined to give any additional details about the cause of Wood’s death or about the situation until police are further along in their investigation.

“Needless to say this is a bizarre set of circumstances we are dealing with and we need a better understanding of the facts,” McCausland said.

The intruder found at the home was questioned for several hours and released, McCausland said. The young woman has been cooperative with police, but she likely will be interviewed again as evidence from inside the home is analyzed, McCausland said.

An autopsy was performed on Wood at the state Medical Examiner’s Office in Augusta, but the results are being withheld, McCausland said.