Progressivism’s dark heart

I look at my flag and can only mourn. Our brilliant founders and their stellar documents have been disdained, distorted and maligned by perverse enemies of God and country. These anti-American progressives are the enemy within.

Progressivism is a communist ideology. It is a regressive force that gave death to our honesty, integrity, morality, lawfulness and godliness.

It has robbed the people of its heritage and its God. It professes love as it hates and accuses the peaceful of hate. Its dark heart is loyal to its agenda alone. Results don’t matter, for destruction is its goal.

Lies flow easily to keep the people in step. It has tolerance and freedom for itself only.

Progressives work swiftly and diligently to lure generations into their lair, unaware of the eternal destruction that awaits them all.

Elizabeth Hutchins


Make tax code fair

Tax week is a good time to talk about tax fairness. The Republicans like to make a big deal about cutting taxes, and voters fall for that ploy every time. But tax cuts go disproportionately to the wealthy through loopholes and other tricks that we regular folks don’t have because we don’t make enough money.

The fact is that people who are working and middle class pay a higher percentage of their income overall to taxes than those who are wealthy. Even though the wealthy tax bracket on paper is higher, they manage to finagle their actual tax rate down to a rate lower than even lower middle-class people. Most of this is legal. Remember how Warren Buffett said his actual tax rate was lower than his secretary’s because of all the tax breaks?

As Congress comes back to work on tax reform, the guiding principle should be tax fairness. It’s not about tax cuts because you and I won’t benefit that much from our puny slice. Tax reform is about tax fairness.

We need good old American fairness so that everyone pays their fair share. It means that this “reform” won’t be for the benefit of people like the president and their heirs. The tax reform we desperately need is fair to working people, small-business owners, the poor, retirees, and the wealthy alike.

Contact Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King, your representative, and your state legislators to let them know you expect tax fairness at all levels. Everyone should play by the same rules and pay their fair share.

Linda Buckmaster


Sports commentators show ignorance

I am an avid sports fan and enjoy the time it gives me away from my own issues. This past weekend, I watched an ESPN interview with retired Lakers great Kobe Bryant. The commentators asked Bryant, “What is it like being back in civilian life?” Bryant answered the question in a professional manner, and this commentary is by no means directed toward him.

I come from a family of veterans who have served this country, police officers who have served the communities in which we have lived, and I am one myself. I have friends who have served and suffered in their service. I myself am dealing with my difficulties in the things that I have witnessed.

Someone returning to civilian life is someone who has served in uniform and put his or her life on the line. For us, it is an extremely difficult transition back to “civilian life.”

To take a sports figure, and granted an extremely talented one, and ask what it is to return to civilian life to me is not only an insult, but a disgrace. I hold no ill will toward Bryant or any of the sports figures out there. This is directed toward the commentators, the media and the people in charge with their indiscretion and ignorance in this regard. These people know who they’re interviewing and the questions they are asking. To equate someone who is making millions of dollars to play a game to someone who has to see and do and deal with things that no one would want is disturbing to me.

I have the utmost respect for most sports figures out there, but I would never compare them to those who serve and protect us.

Robert Mullins