A new BDN Maine app is available in your app store. Or you can just update if you already have a BDN Maine app installed. As of May 1, we will stop sending stories to the old app.

Quick: Where’s your phone?

We’d be surprised if it was further than arm’s reach away.

We use our phones to talk, text, browse, take pictures, connect with friends, do our jobs, check the weather, read the news, find our keys, get coupons, pay bills, remember to take medicine, and the list gets longer every day.

Five years ago, 19% of BDN online readers came to the site on mobile devices. Today, almost two-thirds of our audience use mobile phones and tablets.

We’ve gone through a few mobile versions and mobile apps along the way, and we’ve heard from a number of you that our recent app hasn’t met the standard you would like to see from us.

We think we can change that. To provide you with the Maine news you need, when and how you want it, we have been improving our mobile service. In January we launched a new, faster, easier-to-use mobile site, and today we are delighted to share that we have a new app as well, which follows the same style as the mobile site.

What’s different about the new app — and how do I get it?

The new app, which is free to download and use, provides BDN reporting from all over Maine in a fast, beautiful format. Updated every three minutes, the easy-to-navigate app has the same look and feel as the mobile browser version and contains all of the content you can find on our desktop site at bangordailynews.com.

The updated BDN Maine mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. You can find the app by searching for ‘BDN’ in the App Store or Google Play or by updating your current version through iTunes, Google Play, or directly on your device. You can also download it by clicking on the device-specific link on the BDN Maine apps page.

On May 1, we will stop sending new stories to the old app.

More changes coming

We believe that journalism matters. But it doesn’t do much good if the people who want it can’t get to it easily.  

Our goal is to deliver high-quality reporting to readers in such a way that you don’t have think about technology. This will be a big year for the BDN Maine digital experience: Along with the advances to our mobile services, we’re also working on improvements to desktop design and performance.

We appreciate your feedback. Please leave a comment in the App store or Google Play. If you have questions, you can reach us at app@bangordailynews.com or for more information, visit our BDN Maine Apps page.