BANGOR, Maine — A fire Wednesday night at Hannaford’s distribution center in South Portland has resulted in a temporary shortage of some refrigerated items, produce chief among them, at stores around the state.

Corporate spokesman Eric Blom said Saturday that for the time being the company is shipping produce and other affected products to Maine from its large warehouse in New York.

A mechanical problem with a refrigerated truck delivering produce to Hannaford’s southern Maine warehouse sparked the fire, according to Blom. After the truck caught fire, flames spread to the warehouse.

“That has created some delivery delays for certain products,” he said. “We’re working across our whole network to supply the stores.”

Blom said it was difficult to predict when the supply chain in Maine will be back to normal.

“It’s kind of a moving target. It may be that a truck has come in with that item and what may have been a low inventory at one point 15 minutes later could be full,” he said.

Most of the South Portland distribution facility was not affected by the fire, he said.

“The big thing for us is no one was hurt,” Blom said.