GORHAM, Maine — Colton Stormont, 5, suffered “significant” injuries after a Jeep rolled down a driveway and across Route 237 Saturday morning in Gorham, according to police.

Around 10 a.m. Saturday, two children were playing in and around the Jeep at a home on Sebago Lake Road.

Colton was injured after the Jeep rolled backward down the driveway, across Route 237 and down an embankment between two houses.

Police said they are unsure how the vehicle got into gear. Colton’s mother, Cassandra Stormont, said the car was parked and keys were not in the vehicle.

Police credited a nurse and a hospital worker who were driving nearby after the crash with taking care of the boy before first responders arrived and took him to the hospital and stabilized.

Colton was in intensive-care unit over the weekend.

Stormont said Colton’s injuries include a skull fracture, possible concussion, three fractured ribs, an arm fracture, a bruised lung, road rash and bruising all over.

Colton had surgery Saturday. He was scheduled to have arm surgery on Monday.

Stormont believes the vehicle is defective.