AUSTIN, Texas — A man witnesses said was armed with a handgun was reported to have opened fire at North Lake College in the Dallas suburb of Irving, local police said, adding that authorities were looking into reports of injuries.

“It is still an active situation and I don’t have any information about a suspect being in custody,” Irving Police spokesman James McLellan told reporters.

He said there had been radio chatter of injuries but there were no confirmed reports of anyone being injured.

The school was placed on lockdown and police were going room to room to shuttle students, faculty and staff to safety.

“North Lake College-Intruder Lock-down. Go to nearest room and lock-down. POLICE ON SCENE,” the school said on its Twitter feed.

Local TV news footage showed students in groups running for safety and numerous police vehicles on the campus.

The incident came after a man enrolled at the University of Texas on Monday went on a stabbing spree with a large hunting knife at the school’s Austin campus about 200 miles to the south of Irving, killing one student and wounding three others, police said.